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Reporting as Eligible: The Last Dance 2, Electric Boogaloo

Let’s give this one more shot.

Syndication: USA TODAY Wm. Glasheen / USA TODAY NETWORK

Several Acme Packing Company contributors have joined forces for a Packers-focused podcast: Reporting As Eligible. If you’ve ever wondered what Paul Noonan, Rcon14, or Matub sound like in real life, tune in as they join JR Radcliffe of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for discussion and banter about the Packers and whatever else is going on out there.

On this special episode of Reporting as Eligible, Paul, Matub, and JR discuss the Aaron Rodgers contract, the financials, the impact, and what it says about the future. They also spend quite some time comparing it to the Russell Wilson deal, and whether they would prefer the draft pick haul.

It’s then on to Jordan Love’s future, and what you could potentially get for him, Davante’s unhappiness with the franchise tag, the franchise tag as evidence of the weakness of the NFLPA, and if this whole thing will be worth it, or if we’ll wind up regretting it.

Plus an absolute slew of listener questions, and Aaron Rodgers Instagram as an outro. They did not mention Carson Wentz, as is warranted.

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