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UnPack Pod: Greg Olsen made it weird (and other observations)

Final notes on the Packers’ 14-12 win over the Bucs.

First some new business for the Unpack Podcast: it’s our pleasure to welcome Nick Bornheimer to the third mic on the podcast. A Wisconsin native, Nick spent time with ESPN Milwaukee and is excited to be back in the sports talk space, if only to have an actual reason to watch meaningless Wednesday press conferences in search of new nuggets.

On to the show! We take one final look at the Packers' win over the Buccaneers before turning toward broader season vibes.

  • The special teams have been a revelation, but do we have to call it “we-fence?”
  • Romeo Doubs breakout game – that didn’t take long.
  • Vote Nixon.
  • Greg Olsen made it weird.
  • Plus a quick stop on Degenerate Corner.

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