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Reporting as Eligible, Week 18: The Nixon Administration

It took Keisean to go to the endzone on a special teams play. 

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Several Acme Packing Company contributors have joined forces for a Packers-focused podcast: Reporting As Eligible. If you’ve ever wondered what Paul Noonan, Tyler Brooke, or Matub sound like in real life, tune in as they join JR Radcliffe of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for discussion and banter about the Packers and whatever else is going on out there.

A quick note: We all have Damar Hamlin in our thoughts and prayers and hope he makes a full recovery. There is a lot to say about Hamlin’s episode, football as a violent sport, ESPN’s excellent coverage under tough circumstances, and the NFL’s suspect response. There is also much to be said about Hamlin himself who by all accounts, is a genuinely good person, and who has a story worth telling. All of that said, this episode of Reporting as Eligible focuses primarily on the Packers’ victory over Minnesota and the upcoming game against Detroit.

We think the Hamlin story deserves all of the coverage it is receiving and mean no disrespect by focusing on our core topic, but we do feel that these stories are receiving brilliant coverage in many other places. This story also isn’t about us, and we would feel awkward making it so. We do mention it, as it may very well impact next week’s games. If you aren’t in the mood for a straight football discussion, we certainly understand that. If you wish to show your support and make a real difference, you can donate to Damar Hamlin’s charity here.

All of that said, on this week’s Reporting as Eligible, Paul, Matt, and JR discuss the Aaron Rodgers’ twitter hack, Keisean Nixon’s brilliance, Jaire backing up his trash talk, and the risks of getting a big head, JJ Enagbare’s amazing rookie season, Justin Jefferson’s frustration, and Aaron struggling in a game where defensive backs were allowed to be physical.

They also preview the Lions, the emergence of James Houston, the return of DJ Chark, and the surprisingly strong play of Jared Goff. Hey, did you know the Packers took Amari Rodgers before Amon-Ra St. Brown?

Finally, they go over the Lions’ recent success, where there may be weaknesses, how the weather may actually help for once, and of course, listener questions, some of which are about wetting the middle of the field for strategic advantage.

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