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UnPack Podcast: Is Joe Barry saving his job?

Could the Packers’ defensive turnaround mean running it back with Joe Barry in 2023?

New year, same UnPack podcast — just three guys who skew pragmatic trying not to get swept up in the excitement of a Green Bay Packers team that now controls their own playoff destiny. Trying but failing. No question about it, we are ready to get hurt again.

On today’s episode, we take one last look at the dismantling of the Minnesota Vikings and the Vikings fan meltdown that immediately followed. Bracket coverage on your best WR? How dare they! A slippery field that your own equipment staff tried to warn you about? How rude!

Also on today’s episode, Alex ponders the uncomfortable question: is Joe Barry saving his job? If Barry has turned a corner and will now trust his playmakers going forward, is he worth keeping around? Or is there always the danger of him reverting back to the basics of a scheme that many felt ready to move on from just a few months ago?

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