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Social Lunch Break

Join us at APC's daily lunch-time social discussion forums and talk about your favorite Packers players, moments, and games.

Will the Packers’ defense be better than the offense in 2019?

It hasn’t been the case frequently in recent years, but this season offers the promise of the Packers’ defense being the superior unit.

Wednesday Walkthroughs: Who will be the Packers’ surprise preseason star in 2019?

APC writers predict who will stand out in the preseason.

APC Question of the Day: Who will finish second on the Packers in receiving TDs in 2019?

Adams is the number one who will be Aaron Rodgers’ number two when he’s trying to find paydirt?

What is the Packers’ biggest need going into the 2019 NFL Draft?

One group of fans says it’s the offensive line, but what’s your take?

Thanksgiving Walkthroughs: What are Packers fans thankful for in 2018?

Join APC in finding ways to give thanks despite a rough start to the Packers’ season.

All three other NFC North fan bases see the Packers as their teams’ biggest rival

Packers fans could only pick one, but they’re clearly #1 in the minds of the rest of the division.

Survey Says: Bears remain the Packers’ biggest rival, edging out Vikings

So says our FanPulse survey, but give us your opinion on whether that group got it wrong.

Packers fans think Green Bay will make the playoffs in 2018, but still aren’t confident overall

Despite over half of fans saying they think the team makes the postseason, only 32% say they’re confident in the team.

APC FanPulse Results, Week 4: Nobody knows who to believe in the NFC North

Fans across the division can’t agree on who the best team is.

SB Nation football fans want NFL to go to college overtime rules

With two ties in two weeks, our FanPulse results show that college rules are the most popular option for fixing NFL overtime.

Week 2 APC FanPulse: Packers fans’ confidence slips a bit after Rodgers injury

The fact that it’s just a sprained knee keeps our group pretty optimistic overall, however.

Packers Fan Survey, Week 1: APC readers expect big win over Bears, dislike helmet rule

This week’s APC FanPulse results are in, and respondents are feeling good about Sunday night’s game.

Wednesday Walkthroughs: Which records do you want to see Packers players break in 2018?

The APC writers explore which records they’d like to see a Packers player break this year.

Packers ‘What-Ifs’: the 2014 NFCCG, Nelson’s ACL, & Rodgers’ collarbone

One of these what-ifs is obvious, but we also look at a pair of injuries that significantly changed the franchise’s trajectory.

Who are your all-time favorite Packers at each position?

Who do you love?

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What’s the first Super Bowl you remember?

APC writers share their first Super Bowl memories.

What if the Packers adopted college uniform trends?

An NFL policy prevents some of the creativity in uniform selection that colleges have, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine a few possibilities.

Week 2 Mailbag: Win-Loss records, Ty Montgomery, and the Chiefs

We’ve got mail! Answering inquiries this week on where teams will be record-wise by season’s end and measuring the value of two key NFL players.

What was the best Packers game you’ve seen in person?

Let us know what your favorite in-person memory of a Packers game is.

Who is the Packers’ biggest Jenga piece for 2017?

The Packers have had injuries to critical players before; who would be the worst single player to lose in 2017?

Who will lead the Packers in Interceptions in 2017?

Clinton-Dix led the team with five picks last year; will he repeat that performance?

Who will the Packers’ leading receiver be in 2017?

The Green Bay Packers will have numerous receiving options next year, so who will put up the biggest numbers?

Which one 2017 Free Agent would you most want on the Packers?

Say you could pick one free agent on this year’s market to sign with no financial implications. Who are you taking?

Which Packers player fell shortest of expectations?

One name probably stands out more than any other for older generations of Packers fans, but there are a number of reasonable options over the past 25 years as well.

Which former Packers great is overlooked the most?

Whether by national media or Packers fans, some players just don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Which Packers loss in the NFC title game would you change?

The have lost three times while just a game away from the Super Bowl - which of those results would you most want to change?

Let's make 100 predictions about the Packers' 2016 season

There are just 100 days to go until the 2016 season begins! Let's celebrate by making some guesses about what will happen for the Packers this year.

Former Packers disagree on participation trophies

Where do you stand on participation trophies? Quickie's not a fan, but the inventor of the Lambeau Leap says the parents need to take a more active role early if they have a problem with the concept.

Possible Packers Hobbies during Pre-Camp Break

With the NFL's quiet period fully upon us, we try to imagine how some of the Packers are spending their time off.

Share Your Packers Bar Experience with APC

There's not much else in the world like being in an unfamiliar place, finding fellow Packers fans, and feeling at home. Tell us your story of displaced Packers fandom!

Share your Most Remarkable Football Story with APC

Have a remarkable story of a once-in-a-lifetime football experience? Share it with the APC community as we discuss some of our most memorable football moments,

Word Map for Packers-Titans Game Thread

In a new feature, we take a look at the comments thread for the Packers' most recent game to provide a little insight into the APC community as a whole.

Madden 15: Which Packers are Under/Overrated?

EA Sports latest installment of the Madden franchise is set to hit shelves on August 26, but they recently released player ratings for the Green Bay Packers. We take a look at how each player is rated, and how might have been snubbed.

Optimism and Pessimism For The Packers' Defense

The Packers made major moves this offseason in an effort to improve their lackluster D. I explain why folks it could work out great (or fail miserably.)

Who Could Be the Packers' John Brooks in 2014?

With an unlikely savior leading the USA soccer team to victory against Ghana last night, we try to identify a player who could come out of relative obscurity to become a critical piece to the Packers this year.

Which Former Packers are Most Underrated?

Fans love to talk about the best players in their team's history, but who are some of the best Packers who do not get enough credit?