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APC T-shirts: Free Shipping promo code for Monday, December 14th ONLY!

Want some of APC's shirts but hate paying for shipping? You're in luck!

Over the past few years, SB Nation has partnered with Gameday Depot to produce t-shirts for various blogs around the network. This year, Acme Packing Company has come out with three new designs, and as you've probably heard, we're donating all of our proceeds to the MACC Fund.

Today only, APC and Gameday Depot have an extra bonus offer for our readers - free shipping! So if you've been waiting to place your order because you hate paying shipping and handling fees, get on with it before the day is up! All you have to do is use discount code SBNFREESHIP to get free shipping for orders placed Monday.

Here's a link to the entire APC store, which also features our old "Warp Speed, Jordy" shirt as well as this year's offerings.

Something to keep in mind, though, is that it's getting close to Christmas, so if you're ordering shirts as gifts and will need them to arrive before the holiday, you'll need to make one quick adjustment to the order. Here's the guidance from the Gameday Depot folks:

Customers MUST CHOOSE EITHER "HURRY" OR "RUSH GUARANTEED" as the Speed option to hope/expect to get their items by Christmas. The difference between the two options is that "Hurry" orders are expedited but not guaranteed, while "Rush Guaranteed" orders are guaranteed to ship by Monday, December 21.

So get your orders in today, and sport your APC pride this holiday season (and through the rest of the 2015 NFL season as well)!