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Show your support for the Green and Yellow with a playoff run t-shirt

Get your colors on down the stretch this January!

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Some color combinations just work. Red and green at the holidays are nice. So are navy blue, cream, and gold in the summer. But in the fall and in January? It’s Green and Yellow time.

With our partners at BreakingT, it’s time to show our colors loud and proud, as we join in with the chorus and announce to the world that we will proudly wear Green and Yellow for the next few weeks.

The Green Bay Packers are ready to host the NFC Championship Game next Sunday for the first time in 13 years, so let’s celebrate and support our team in their quest to win Super Bowl LV. There are no finer colors in January during an NFL playoff run than those that bring the fans braving the cold and celebrities who make pump-up songs together for a common goal: getting a fifth Lombardi Trophy and a 14th NFL Championship to the state of Wisconsin.

So show your support and your colors by ordering this new shirt from APC and BreakingT:

As always, all of APC’s proceeds go to charity, with the 2020 season sales supporting the National Math & Science Initiative.

If this doesn’t trip your fancy, click here to order any of the designs we have available through the APC-BreakingT partnership, which you can see below:

We’re Green and Yellow.