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AJ Dillon ‘Quadzilla’ & Randall Cobb ‘Flex’ t-shirts are here in time for the holidays

It was only a matter of time before the Quadfather made his way onto a shirt from APC and BreakingT.

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Through Acme Packing Company and SB Nation’s partnership with BreakingT, we have been excited to bring you the opportunity to purchase numerous apparel items featuring members of our favorite football team. Today, there are even more exciting t-shirts on the way just in time for the holiday shopping season!

This batch of shirts features a pair of role players, one who is growing into a bigger role seemingly every week and another one who returned to Wisconsin after two years away and has made a big impact in that comeback.

First up is running back AJ Dillon, the subject of numerous nicknames revolving around his impressive size and musculature. Yes, we’re talking about those quads. Today we’re excited to reveal a new shirt honoring Dillon’s legs:

We also have a new shirt available celebrating Randall Cobb’s return to the receiving corps. Cobb is coming off a big game that saw him post 95 receiving yards and his fifth touchdown of the season, and when better to flex than after a big game?

Both shirts are available for $32 in adult sizes and $28 in youth sizes, and both are available as hoodies starting at $55.