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Guest Host T-Shirt

This three-time NFL MVP is guest-hosting a legendary game show over the next two weeks. Who is...

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Who is Aaron Rodgers?

That’s the question on the minds of fans of a certain legendary syndicated game show, which Rodgers will be guest hosting over the next two weeks. While fulfilling a lifelong dream, Rodgers is helping raise more money for the North Valley Community Foundation, supporting small businesses near his hometown of Chico, California that have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With Rodgers behind the podium for the next two weeks, our friends at BreakingT decided to celebrate with a newly-inspired shirt design.

This shirt is officially licensed by the NFLPA and, as always, APC will donate our portion of the proceeds to charity as well. Continuing on with the charity from the 2020 season, we’re sticking with a group that seems all too appropriate given the nature of the quiz show — the National Math & Science Initiative.

Get your shirts by clicking below — this design is available in both adult- and youth-sized t-shirts as well as adult hoodies!

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