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Old Friends Update: What were former Packers up to in week 17?

Davante Adams was the star of the show once again as he carried the Raiders

Packers now control their playoff future after Commanders’ loss to Browns

Everything has broken right for the Packers over the past two weeks. Now they need to finish their part of the job.

Packers Week 17 Rooting Guide: Pull for the Browns, Saints, & Colts

Cleveland beating the Commanders would clear the path for the Packers, but a few other results could help them on Sunday.

Old Friends Update: What were former Packers up to in week 14?

Check out what a few former Packers were up to around the league in week 14.

Packers Playoff Rooting Guide, Week 15: 49ers & Jets can help Green Bay

And for goodness’ sake, please not another tie in Giants-Commanders.

NFC North Roundup, Week 15: Lions beat Vikings to stay in division, wild card races

The Lions’ chances of winning the North remain an extremely long shot, but they’re not zero just yet.

Packers Bye Week Rooting Guide: Pulling for losses by Giants, 49ers, & Seahawks

The Eagles gave the Packers a huge assist back in 2010. They could help Green Bay’s slim playoff hopes again this week and in week 18.

Packers 2022 Playoff Scenarios: What help Green Bay needs to make the postseason

It really all comes down to two teams in the NFC East and two in the NFC West.

Old Friends Update: What were former Packers up to in week 13?

Check out what a few former Packers were up to around the league in week 13

NFC North Roundup, Week 14: Division title remains undecided for another week

Minnesota needed some help to lock up the North in week 13. They didn’t get it, but they can take care of business on Sunday.

NFC North Roundup, Week 13: Vikings could clinch division title as early as this Sunday

Not since 2018 has a team other than the Packers won the NFC North. That could change on Sunday.

How the Packers can still make the playoffs in 2022

They’re not quite dead.

NFC North Rundown, Week 11: Lions beat Bears in thriller, Vikings win weirdest game of 2022

All three wins by NFC North teams on Sunday came in thrilling, high-scoring fashion.

Old Friends Update: What were former Packers up to in week 9?

Check out what a few former Packers were up to around the league in week 9

Old Friends Update: What were former Packers up to in week 8?

Check out what a few former Packers were up to around the league in week 8

NFC North Trade Deadline Roundup: 3 other teams make waves, Packers stand pat

T.J. Hockenson moved within the division while the Bears added a big body at wide receiver.

NFC North Roundup, Week 8: Bears’ offense awakens, Lions’ remains in hibernation

Justin Fields’ running ability jump-started Chicago en route to a big win, but Detroit failed to hit double-digit points for the second straight game.

Old Friends Update: What were former Packers up to in Week 4?

A free agent addition makes a tough snag for Kansas City and the trade of the offseason pays off in a Vegas win.

NFC North Rundown, Week 5: A double-doink helps instead of hurts a division team

The Bears were on the bad end of a double-doink a few years ago; this time the Vikings got some help from the goal posts in London.

Old Friends Update: What were some former Packers up to in Week 3?

A former fan favorite is thrust into the starting role in Detroit while another struggles to reverse his team’s fortunes in Vegas.

NFC North Rundown, Week 4: Jamaal Williams flagged for dancing, Justin Fields stinks again

How dare the NFL try to deny its fans the glory of Williams’ hips?

NFC North Rundown, Week 3: All even at 1-1 after Packers, Lions victories

There’s a four-way tie for the lead in the NFC North after two weeks.

NFC North Rundown, Week 2: Bears and Vikings pull off upsets at home in openers

Chicago won in the driving rain, something that they might not have to deal with at home a few years from now.

NFC North Rundown, Pre-Week 1 Edition: Setting expectations for Packers’ rivals

Can one of the other three NFC North teams surprise and overtake the Packers for a division title?

NFC North Rundown: Jarrad Davis re-joins Lions as free agency begins to slow

The Lions hope their reunion with the team’s former first-round pick will pay more dividends this time around.

The NFC North’s poaching of veteran Packers has not often been reciprocated

The offseason has already been filled with several members of the 2021 Packers finding new homes in the division. But it’s not a new trend, nor one Green Bay has often participated in.

NFC North Rundown: Several Packers will see a change in divisional scenery

Chicago added a pair of former Packers this past week, while Minnesota is on the prowl for another.

NFC North Rundown: Bears upgrade at DT as legal tampering period begins

Chicago added and subtracted defensive linemen within hours on Monday.

NFC North Rundown: Division eyes up pass rushers and wide receivers post-Combine

Aidan Hutchinson is one of those pass-rushing targets that could be in play for Detroit if his arm length is not deemed to be an issue.

NFC North Rundown: Lions targeting defense in April, have eyes on hosting the 2024 Draft

Playmakers in the middle-to-back portion of the defense could be a priority for the Lions in this year’s draft.

NFC North Rundown: Bears weighing their needs at tackle and safety

One veteran safety could make a move to the slot, improving one area of need but potentially creating another.

NFC North Rundown: With two first-round picks, will the Lions draft a quarterback?

Detroit owns first-round picks near the top and bottom of the upcoming draft. Will the Lions draft a quarterback and, if so, with what pick?

NFC North Rundown: Vikings hire a new head coach, Lions look to solidify their staff

With other divisional head coaching searches in the rearview mirror, Detroit continues to try to stabilize each of its coordinator positions.

NFC North Rundown: GM vacancies are filled within the division

Three of the division’s four major job openings were filled over the past week.

NFC North Rundown: Coaching and GM changes commence as regular season wraps up

Chicago and Minnesota will be seeking multiple new managerial leaders for the 2022 season.

NFL Playoffs 2022: Wild-Card weekend schedule announced, Cards-Rams gets MNF

The Packers could end up playing a team on a short week in the Divisional Round, even if they end up playing on Sunday.


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