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Matub has been creating, mostly humorous, content for APC since 2016. What started as gif reactions to the games turned into a video series known as "Hottest Take of the Week". He also reviews relevant games and software that pertain to football. You can find Matub once a week on the Acme Packing Company Podcast Network show Reporting As Eligible.

Hottest Take of the Week: Eccentric Isometrics and Receipts

Matub discusses Twitter bookmarks, bad athletic trainers, and YouTube film grinders

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What song makes you think of football?

The APC staff opens up their playlists.

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What was the worst part of Week 1?

There’s plenty to choose from, but what was the absolute worst thing from Week 1?

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What concerns us about the Packers?

The Packers are riding high at 8-2, but they still have weaknesses.

Wednesday Walkthroughs: Which Packers rookie will have the biggest impact in 2021?

APC’s writers share their thoughts on which young Packers player will make the biggest splash in their first year.

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What we’re watching in the Packers’ first preseason game

APC’s writers share what they’ll be watching for in the Packers’ first preseason game.

Training to be a Quarterback in Virtual Reality

Matub attempts to hone his skills at QB in VR

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What’s the weirdest thing in the NFL this year?

2020 has been plenty strange, but what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen?

Hottest Take of the Week: Twenty targets and Ryan Tannehill is HOW old?!

Matub looks at hot takes from around the web for this week and suddenly realizes he’s old

Hottest Take of the Week: Taysom’s Tumble and WR Depth

Matub looks back at last week’s "Take on Taysom" and even further back at the 2020 draft