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Paul has been a covering the Packers from an analytics perspective for over a decade. He is the host of the podcast Reporting as Eligible, and the creator of the QBOPS family of statistics. His work has been featured on SportsCenter and NFL Network, and he's a frequent guest on local and nationally focused football podcasts. Paul also dabbles in other forms of media, and has created several games and parody songs involving the Packers.

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What scares you about the Lions?

The Detroit Lions are nobody’s pushover any more. What scares our writers the most?

Reporting as Eligible, Week 3 - No Leap ‘Til Detroit

Jordan Love’s cool moment of Zen leadership ruled the day.

Jordan Love Leads Furious Fourth Quarter Comeback as Packers Win 18-17

Love has his signature moment in an amazing display of playmaking.

Jordan Love’s advanced stats show a discordant picture through two weeks

The man is first in EPA per Play but last in CPOE. What gives, and what’s going to regress first?

Wednesday Walkthroughs: The best things we’ve seen from the Packers so far

APC’s writers weigh in on the best and most encouraging things they’ve seen from the Packers in 2023.

Reporting as Eligible - Still I Wonder, Who’ll Stop the Run

Was Joe Barry really the biggest issue with the defense against a team specifically designed to beat the Packers’ preferred personnel?

The End Zone Fumble Rule is Both Logical and Fair

Complaints about the rule make no sense, and are mostly based in sympathy for a player who has committed an egregious football sin.

Reporting as Eligible, Week 1 - State of Love and Trust

The Packers won, but how much of the victory was the Packers actually being good, versus the Bears being Bears?

Reporting as Eligible, Week 1 - Separation Anxiety

Let’s talk about how bad the Bears are. (While we still can.)

Bear Quarterback Futility and the 17-Game Season

Erik Kramer has the greatest passing season in Bears’ history. In 16 games.