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Paul has been a covering the Packers from an analytics perspective for over a decade. He is the host of the podcast Reporting as Eligible, and the creator of the QBOPS family of statistics. His work has been featured on SportsCenter and NFL Network, and he's a frequent guest on local and nationally focused football podcasts. Paul also dabbles in other forms of media, and has created several games and parody songs involving the Packers.

Reporting as Eligible - Let the Future Tell the Truth

What good times we had, as we think of those still to come.

Ariens Hill - A Mark Murphy Story

Where, oh where will Murph sled to next?

Reporting as Eligible - The Book of Love

Some of it is just transcendental, some of it is just really dumb.

The Packers’ wide receiver world is flat

The Packers are impossible to defend because even the Packers don’t know who their actual best receiver is.

Reporting as Eligible - Songs are Poems

It’s the teacher versus the student in the second round.

Will Jordan Love sustain his excellent play, or was the second half of 2023 a mirage?

Is Jordan Love like, good? Not just good but like, "good, good?"

Reporting as Eligible — Packers’ youth movement keeps rolling

The rookies all combine forces to form some kind of playoff bound machine.

How much of the Bears’ defensive improvement is real?

They’ve faced bad quarterbacks and forced turnovers, but they’re also popping on tape.

Reporting as Eligible - The Reporting as Eligibliest

The Chicago Bears are the only thing standing between the Packers and Glory.

Reporting as Eligible – A Gary Hold Companion

Let’s take a look at the Flores defense.