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rcon14 has been with Acme Packing Company since spring 2020, with analysis primarily focused on roster construction and the passing game. He occasionally makes an appearance on one of APC's slew of podcasts.

Saints @ Packers, by the numbers

The Packers will face a very different challenge from an opponent playing on a short week

Wednesday Walkthroughs: The best things we’ve seen from the Packers so far

APC’s writers weigh in on the best and most encouraging things they’ve seen from the Packers in 2023.

Packers @ Falcons, by the numbers

After beating down the Bears, the Packers head down to Atlanta to face... kind of the Bears again, but a better version.

Packers @ Bears, by the numbers

With plenty of changes to the roster, how different are the Bears this year?

Wednesday Walkthroughs: The best and worst of the initial 53-man roster

APC’s writers weigh in on the best and worst of the Packers roster after training camp.

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What position battles are you watching?

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What song makes you think of football?

The APC staff opens up their playlists.

Wednesday Walkthroughs: Who’s catching your eye in training camp?

Camp is a couple of weeks old, so who’s standing out?

A new potential David Bakhtiari trade suitor has emerged

Aaron Rodgers’ new contract creates a David Bakhtiari-sized space in the Jets cap sheet.

The Packers’ 2023 season will be defined by the questions it answers

The Packers have more questions than ever before up and down the roster, and this season will be pivotal in creating the team for the new era.