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GIF Recap of the Packers' 55-14 Win Over the Bears

We go heavy on the GIFs from the actual game this week instead of a nonstop stream of reactions, as the highlights from the game itself are well worth watching over and over again.

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Oh hi, Saint Vince! We see you!
Oh hi, Saint Vince! We see you!
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Games like this are why we love doing GIF recaps. Not only do we have great moments to react to, but many of the plays in the game itself make for hilarious, amazing, or simply entertaining GIFs of their own. This week, we have far more game action in GIF form than usual to mix in with our usual reaction images and dumb pop culture references.


The absurd game GIFs that we have don't even start until the Packers' fourth touchdown, but we'll do a few reactions early on anyway as Green Bay jumps out to a ridiculous early lead.

First up, the Bears take the ball and don't do a darn thing. Aaron Rodgers then drives the Packers down the field and finds Brandon Bostick (seriously, Brandon Bostick) for the game's opening score on fourth and one. Bostick apparently decided to announce his re-integration into the offense in a rather loud fashion.

I'm Back

On the second play of the next Bears drive, Micah Hyde makes a great pick of a Cutler pass that was intended for Martellus Bennett. That pick leads directly to an Andrew Quarless touchdown. Thanks, Jay!

Me Gusta

The Packers third score comes after a Bears drive stalls thanks to a Clay Matthews sack. On the first play of the second quarter, Rodgers changes the play at the line, and the Bears try to adjust. Except one of the safeties doesn't get the memo about playing Cover-2, and leaves Jordy Nelson wide open. He does the rest for a 73-yard score to make it 21-nothing. Well done, Jordy.

At this point, we're starting to think that we might see something historic if this keeps up:

Geordi History

Now we get into the absurdity of the second and third quarters. These plays don't really need much in the way of descriptions or reactions, but we'll provide some anyway. Here's Jordy's second score:


Absurd throw, ridiculous catch, an all-around amazing play.

Then Clay Matthews decides that he hates end-arounds.

Matthews End Around

I can only imagine that Clay had this going through his head when he saw that handoff:

Clay Eat

But Aaron Rodgers probably summed up our reactions best.

Next up, Julius Peppers gets some revenge on his former team:

Peppers Strip-Sack

That was a statement play for Peppers to all the Bears fans who have been saying he's washed up:

Shut your mouth

Okay, now we get to Rodgers' sixth touchdown pass of the game. You knew Randall Cobb would get into the act sometime, right? After all, it is a game against the Bears, and he had scored four times in the past two meetings. Here's your catch of the year candidate:

Cobb One-Handed TD

Um, yeah...

Jaw drop


Shortly after halftime, Jarrett Boykin did his best Karate Kid impression on a punt block attempt, actually kicking the ball out during Pat O'Donnell's drop before the punter could make contact.

Boykin Karate

It went down as a forced fumble instead of a blocked punt, but will live on forever in GIF form.


Normally, we have some sort of silly image to describe the game in a nutshell, but for once, a particular play in this game sums it up nicely. The Bears shoot themselves in the head, and the Packers make them pay for their mistake instantly.

There's only one way to react to this hilarious throw by Cutler, and really, to the game itself:

Spit take

Go Pack Go, everyone.

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