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Vegas releases odds for every possible Packers Super Bowl LII matchup

The Packers are among the favorites in the NFC, but who’s got top billing as the best matchups from the AFC?

Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

At this time of the year, you can bet on just about anything sports-related in Las Vegas. One of the most popular bets at any time of the year is which NFL team will win the next Super Bowl.

However, the sports book at the Golden Nugget casino is going a step further and taking odds on every individual Super Bowl matchup that could take place.

The Green Bay Packers, a team that is typically among bettors’ favorites in Vegas, continues to be up there in the minds of NFL fans at this time. In fact, based on the numbers, only one other NFC team is viewed as a more likely team to make it to U.S. Bank Stadium for Super Bowl LII: the Dallas Cowboys.

(Yes, that’s the same Cowboys team that lost to the Packers in the Divisional playoffs in January. We’re just saying.)

Here are the odds that the Packers are getting when combined with each of the 16 AFC teams as possible Super Bowl matchups. It is probably no surprise that the New England Patriots have the best odds of any AFC team; however, believe it or not, the Cleveland Browns are not the worst bet to make it to the big game.

Check out the odds below (remember that the Packers are assumed to be the NFC representative in each case) and give us your pick on who your best bet would be for a Packers matchup.

Packers Super Bowl LII Odds

Opponent Odds
Opponent Odds
Patriots 8:1
Raiders 15:1
Steelers 20:1
Broncos 40:1
Chiefs 50:1
Texans 50:1
Dolphins 60:1
Ravens 60:1
Titans 60:1
Colts 80:1
Bengals 100:1
Chargers 100:1
Bills 150:1
Jaguars 150:1
Browns 400:1
Jets 500:1