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By the Numbers

Examining the Green Bay Packers by analyzing statistics and quantifiable measures

Stat of the Week - Is a Davante Adams-heavy offense vulnerable?

Let’s meet the struggling Mardwilyan Lazcobrown-Scantjones.

Packers Week 6 Snap Counts: Preston Smith’s injury leads to edge snaps for several players

The Packers had to get creative to keep Rashan Gary fresh for the fourth quarter after his running mate went down early with an oblique issue.

Packers-Bears By the Numbers Preview: Chicago is outperforming the statistics

The NFL’s oldest rivalry kicks off again on Sunday, and we’re here to break it down with some new numbers.

Packers Stat of the Week: 13 failures for the red zone defense

The Packer defense has been unbelievably bad in the red zone. When will it end?

Packers Week 5 Snap Counts: No Alexander leads Green Bay to mix up cornerbacks

Four corners played more than 25 snaps in this game as the Packers tried to cover up the absence of their All-Pro.

Packers v. Bengals By the Numbers Preview: Is Cincinnati really any good?

Maybe? Maybe not? Who’s to say?

Stat of the Week: Big Ben is 39, which is why the Packers beat the Steelers

The bell tolls for old quarterbacks.

Packers Week 4 Snap Counts: Alexander goes down, running backs split time

AJ Dillon got a substantial amount of playing time and carries on Sunday, while the Packers’ secondary had to shuffle around in the second half.

Previewing Packers-Steelers by the numbers: T.J. Watt, Big Ben, & a bad O-line

In a battle of two old quarterbacks at opposite ends of the productivity spectrum, can Pittsburgh overcome their shortcomings?

Packers-49ers Stat of the Week: Jerome Boger’s awfulness can now be quantified

Officials have a huge impact on games, and we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss them as active participants.

Packers Week 3 Snap Counts: Nijman, Stokes step up in big, unexpected roles

Green Bay called on a young undrafted tackle and a highly-touted rookie for big snaps on Sunday night, and both players were up to the challenge.

Previewing Packers v. 49ers By the Numbers: Can Green Bay overcome matchup problems?

Can Green Bay overcome last decade’s thorn in their side with another trip to the Bay?

Packers Stats of the Week, Lions Edition: Stokes vs. King, no pass rush, and regression

There are a few good candidates for positive regression in Green Bay, but please, someone, sack a quarterback.

Packers Week 2 Snap Counts: Eric Stokes gets on the field against Lions as CB3

The Packers lined up Kevin King in the slot a lot on Monday night, a surprising move from a team that had used Jaire Alexander there instead during training camp.

Previewing Packers v. Lions By the Numbers: Can Week 2 be a get-right game?

With only one week, a lot of numbers are out of whack, but did we learn anything in week one?

Packers Stats of the Week: passing game was out of sync against Saints in week 1

Ugly games make for ugly stats, and this one is no exception.

Packers Week 1 Snap Counts: Rotation at OLB, no Eric Stokes, & Jordan Love’s debut

Kevin King played nearly every snap of the game ahead of Stokes. How long can that go on this season?

Previewing Packers v. Saints by the numbers

With a lot of roster turnover, how do the Saints stack up?

2021 NFC Over/Unders: Will Packers, other NFC North teams hit Vegas’ expectations?

Why is the Packers’ number so low?

2021 NFL Over/Under Totals: Which AFC teams are likely to beat Vegas’ numbers?

Where is the market for AFC teams in 2021?

Robert Tonyan’s mad hands and reversion to the mean

Big Bob catches everything. What this post presupposes is, what if he didn’t?

Preseason Week 2 Snap Counts: Yiadom gets long look, Malik Taylor steps up

The Packers gave a ton of snaps to their newest cornerback to see if he fits on the roster, while a young wide receiver stepped up with a big game.

The Packers have assembled a deep, diverse group of pass-catchers for 2021

After years of neglect at the receiver positions, the Packers have a deep and talented group of weapons for Aaron Rodgers

Reporting As Eligible Podcast: DVOA Whips it Good

Nerds think running and inside linebackers don’t matter, but the Packer playoff experience begs to differ.

Packers Preseason Snap Counts: Starters sit v. Texans, depth chart starts to take shape

Now that we have a preseason game under our belts, the pecking order at a few positions is clearing up.

Davante Adams’ next contract and the cost of doing business

"With that particular situation, it’s how you interpret what the highest wide receiver in the National Football League is getting paid."

What can Randall Cobb bring to the Packers in 2021?

How much corn is left on this Cobb?

Packers’ fatal flaws on defense in 2020 are on full display in Football Outsiders’ Almanac

Data in the 2021 Almanac confirms exactly what we all thought about Preston Smith and Kevin King.

Packers cling to share of NFL’s all-time octopus lead, but allowed 3 in 2020

The Vikings pulled into a tie for the top spot in league history by scoring four during the 2020 season, two against Green Bay.

Packers’ career sacks leaderboard changes after Pro Football Reference’s research

The title now unofficially belongs to Willie Davis, who takes over from Clay Matthews.

AJ Dillon taking Jamaal Williams’ carries should improve Packers’ rushing attack

Dillon’s ability to create yards after contact gives him a completely different dimension from Williams, one that should improve the Packers’ run game as a whole.

The case against tall cornerback gets more support from 2020 defensive results

Not all tall corners are bad, but the odds are stacked against them.

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How to build an Aaron Rodgers out of YAC and mediocre quarterbacks

If you draft enough YAC, does it really matter who your quarterback is? The 49ers offense is a case study that suggests QB play really can be minimized with the right weapons.

Packers’ 2020 draft class played among the fewest snaps in the NFL last season

The Packers’ 2020 draft class was clearly taken with the future in mind, but bad injury luck limited the group’s contributions even more.

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Quarterback Scarcity Is Over, Part 3: Analytics struggled with college QBs, but it’s getting better

Once upon a time, Brian Brohm broke football analytics...

Packers were hit harder by injuries on offense than defense in 2020

High variance between the offense and defense could spell trouble in 2021.