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Football in Perspective: A Chaotic Storm in an Otherwise Predictable World

Football is one of the more unpredictable activities on the planet. Here's a light-hearted look at how insignificant the uncertainties of today's game contrast to some of the the world's known quantities.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone's saying this one's impossible to predict.

Well, not Vegas, who still has the Packers by six. Still, an NFL playoff game is one of the few things left in this world that is DVR proof. Why? Because it's the big stage, the bright lights, and anything can happen. Losers walk.

We can predict, with great confidence, that the earth will travel 1.6 million miles around its orbit on Sunday, and that the solar system as a whole will glide through space at 370 million miles per second, but will Davante Adams hold onto that contested ball in the endzone? Will John Kuhn make a big play to justify his popularity?

Will Eddie Lacy try to do too much in the cold, or will he be as reliable as the fiber optic cables that lay 20,000 feet under the sea against the ocean bed, bringing the Packers game to fans all over the world? After all, those cables can withstand up to 20,000 lbs / square inch and are good for 10 years of use. (Editor's note: Here's hoping Eddie has that kind of longevity.)

Does Aaron Rodgers' calf have three games left in it?

Over 350,000 babies will be born on Sunday500 couples will marry in the U.S., just from eHarmony alone. Over 1000 people will be released from U.S. prisons and given a second shot at life.

But will Datone Jones take that next step? Will the Packers offense be on the same page? Can veterans like A.J. Hawk and Morgan Burnett lead the defense, now that it's do-or-die?

Many things in life are predictable. Football, and today's Packers game in particular, is anything but.