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Wisconsin Governor and Packers Fan Scott Walker Trolls Cowboys

The head politician in Wisconsin took to Twitter today to mess with a fellow governor and the Packers' nex opponent.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start this off by saying that we are making no judgments on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's politics here and we won't be putting up with political debates in the comments section today. That is an issue entirely separate and unrelated to his Packers fandom, so let's not even go there. There. Now that we have that out of the way, on to the lighter stuff.

Remember last week, when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was spotted in Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones' luxury box, celebrating the Cowboys' go-ahead touchdown that led to a win over the Detroit LionsIn case you missed it, here it is - that's Christie in the red sweater (interesting attire choice for a Cowboys game, by the way).

Well, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is known to throw a little shade at his fellow politicians on social media, especially where sports are concerned. He took to Twitter this morning to show his support for the Packers and its unique ownership community:

Well done, Mr. Walker, well done.

(Also, in case you're not familiar with the guy in that photo, that's Steve Tate, AKA "Steve the Owner", Packers fan extraordinaire. He's one of the candidates for this year's Packers Fan Hall of Fame, and would greatly appreciate your votes.)