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GIF Recap: Packers Crush Eagles in Week 11

Join us as we take a spin through the world of GIFs in our reactions to the Packers' big win.

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Is Jordy trying to catch a pass or playing air guitar? Probably air guitar.
Is Jordy trying to catch a pass or playing air guitar? Probably air guitar.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

In a game full of big plays and impressive highlights, it's often the fans' reactions that are the most entertaining aspect. As we do each week, let's take a look back at the Packers' game this week and express the feelings of the Green and Gold faithful in our favorite animated image format.

First Half

This game started out innocently enough. A long bomb to Jordy Nelson got the Packers in the red zone, but they couldn't find the end zone and settled for a Mason Crosby field goal. It's okay. Not bad, not great.

not bad

But then a sack by Letroy Guion stalls the Eagles' drive, and the Packers take over. Aaron Rodgers converts a few third-and-long plays and finds Davante Adams on a quick slant for a score and a 10-0 lead, and we start doing our happy dance.

wb frog dance

The Eagles' next drive is more of the same, stalling after a sack (this time by Mike Neal). They punt the ball away to Micah Hyde, who makes two cuts and outruns the punter to the end zone. After all the talk about the Eagles' great special teams, it's Hyde who takes a punt back?!

jaw drop

The Eagles get on the board with a field goal on the next drive, but Rodgers gets the ball again and does Aaron Rodgers things. Gains of 14, 22, and 11 yards to Randall Cobb set up another marvelous throw-and-catch to Jordy Nelson, who tiptoes into the end zone for a 24-3 lead and leaves Packers fans salivating for more:


Another Packers touchdown and another Eagles field goal makes the score 30-6 Packers at the half. We give the first 30 minutes our...

seal of approval

Second Half

The third quarter started off in a fun manner - Mark Sanchez goofs on a snap, and Nick Perry recovers. Meanwhile, Sanchez ends up with butts in his face as he lays on the ground, instead of running face-first into them like he did a while back. The Packers can't convert, though, going three-and-out. They hit a field goal a little bit later to extend the lead to 33-6, but all in all, not much else happened in the early part of the second half.

Then Julius Peppers struck. The big linebacker dropped back into coverage and makes one of the easiest interceptions one can imagine, then sprints 50-yards to the end zone, dragging Jordan Matthews for 20 yards. Hugh Laurie does it best:

laurie excited

Of course, at this point, it's 39-6 (after a blocked PAT), and FOX flips away from this game (one that they wanted flexed out to a late afternoon kickoff in the first place) to the Lions-Cardinals contest for fans outside of the Wisconsin and Philadelphia TV markets. Thanks, FOX.

python irritated

Therefore, many Packers fans across the country miss what is arguably the game's most ridiculous highlight, as after the Eagles finally get in the end zone to pull within 39-13, Eddie Lacy decides to make the Eagles' defense his personal set of bowling pins:

Lacy Beast Mode

Yikes, I wouldn't want to be a guy wearing an opposite-colored jersey when big #27 comes barreling down towards you. Former Badger hoopster Mike Bruesewitz says it all here:

Bruiser Flinch

Add in a garbage-time touchdown for the Eagles and another for Casey Hayward and you end up with a 53-20 final.

Summary of this game in one GIF:

awesome to the max

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