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Eagles vs. Packers Game Balls: Boykin, Lang Impress on Offense

The defense gets passed over for the post part in today's game balls, but a number of young Packers on offense earn some praises for their performances against the Eagles.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers' performance on Sunday left much to be desired. Though they suffered another glut of injuries in the game (including a second straight starting quarterback leaving the game after the first series), that cannot excuse the performance by the defense against a young quarterback in Nick Foles. You'll notice that we'll give the benefit of the doubt to a few young players on offense, but only one player on the other side of the ball was worthy of any recognition this week.


Jarrett Boykin

Boykin's 8-catch, 112-yard game shows that he is continuing to develop into a trustworthy receiver for the Packers. He showed good chemistry with Scott Tolzien and continues his recent streak of games with big numbers. What's most impressive about Boykin is how he overcomes a lack of speed - he is surprisingly shifty for a receiver his size (6'2", 218) and did a good job of forcing missed tackles or evading defenders. His one highlight reel catch probably should have been challenged by Chip Kelly, but he nonetheless brought in a well thrown ball from Tolzien with a full extension and got enough of his feet in bounds for the referee nearby to rule it a catch. At this rate, the Packers will have developed a legitimate fourth receiver for next year and might allow them the leeway and depth to avoid overpaying James Jones to keep him in Green Bay.

T.J. Lang

Lang deserves recognition for his performance yesterday at two positions, especially coming off a concussion just six days earlier. Lang played well at right guard, leading the way for some good Eddie Lacy runs early. Then he performed admirably when sliding over to center following Evan Dietrich-Smith's injury, snapping the ball well and for the most part keeping Tolzien safe from interior pressure.

Honorable mention: Scott Tolzien

Tolzien doesn't quite earn a game ball from me for one reason: that interception in the end zone. That said, the best qualities he showed at Wisconsin were on display yesterday, as he showed excellent poise, leadership, and command of the offense. He also appears to have addressed the arm strength questions that followed him out of college, and though he did have a few errant throws, there are plenty of positive signs for the Packers' new starting QB.

Honorable mention: Brandon Bostick

The young tight end got extended playing time on Sunday and responded with his first touchdown and easily the best game of his young career. His score was a thing of beauty, as he extended fully to bring in a catch in the flat before eluding a few tacklers on his way to the pylon. Bostick finished with 3 catches for 42 yards on the day - that's not an exceptional day by any stretch, but it should be a sign that Bostick could be turning into a bigger factor in the offense.


Datone Jones

Jones is starting to show the ability that the Packers saw when they drafted him in the first round this spring. He recorded two first half sacks, one by tracking down Nick Foles out of the pocket and the other on an interior rush where he beat his blocker soundly. He was a lone bright spot for a defense that struggled mightily once again, as the rest of the defense recorded only a single sack (split between Mike Daniels and Tramon Williams).

That is all you get for the defense. The rest of the squad was a mess. Anyone care to disagree? Let us know about it in the comments and vote below for your choice for player of the game.

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