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Asking Bleeding Green Nation: Which Packer Would You Want on the Eagles?

The answer to the question isn't a shock, but it's still interesting to hear the reasoning on the pick from our blogging brethren.

Chris Trotman

Yesterday, we traded questions and answers with Bleeding Green Nation, the SBNation blog for the Philadelphia Eagles, in preparation for the game on Sunday between their Eagles and our Green Bay Packers. In addition to this set of Q&As, which you can find at APC and BGN, we decided to throw one more question out to each other.

If you could add one player from the other team to your team's roster, who would it be and why?

Here's BGN's response, courtesy of Brandon Lee Gowton:

Ironically, the two most desirable players on the Packers' roster are players who are currently injured. Setting injuries aside, it's obvious that Aaron Rodgers is the best pick. It's a no-brainer. He is consistently one of the best quarterbacks in the league. As my good friend Jimmy Kempski points out, if Rodgers' career ended today, he'd be the all-time NFL leader in QB rating, completion % (min 2500 att), and touchdown to interception ratio. Quarterback is the premium position in the NFL and having a premium player such as Rodgers is the ideal situation. Rodgers in Chip Kelly's offense is a fun thought. Not only can the 29 year old sling the ball but he also has more than adequate functional mobility.

Rodgers is great and all, but then again has he thrown seven touchdowns like Nick Foles has? Humor aside, the other pick that would make the most sense is on the opposite side of the ball. Clay Matthews is no stranger to Philadelphians. He's the man who knocked out Kevin Kolb on that fateful day in September 2010. That date was the beginning of Michael Vick's re-birthed career. Matthews is a beast and he would fit perfectly into the Eagles' freshly-installed 3-4 scheme. Philadelphia's defense sorely lacks an impact pass rusher at outside linebacker. Matthews's presence would fill a tremendous need and go a long way in improving that side of the ball.

Since I can only choose one, the pick has to be Rodgers. It's also the correct pick for every other team except for a select few.

That last statement should be no surprise - I'd bet that if we asked all 31 other blogs this question, Rodgers would be the pick for 3/4 of them. But it's still interesting to see how close a call Matthews was for Brandon.

Thanks to Brandon for joining us in this exercise, and make sure to head over to Bleeding Green Nation to check out our pick - and prepare to be a little bit surprised by who I chose.

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