Al Harris rehab progress


Al Harris is keeping a video journal of his rehab progress for the readers of the National Football Post.

Lockout Likely in 2011?


An NFLPA Exec says that the chance for a lockout next year is 14 on a 1-10 scale. That doesn't sound promising.

Bears Hire Martz as Offensive Coordinator


I know it's not the guy they wanted, but I have to believe this is going to help their offense be more effective next year.

Minnesota... Land of 10,000 lakes, and ZERO Super Bowl wins!


I'm not one to kick a team (and it's fan base) while it's down... oh who am I kidding.... yes I am! If you have a Facebook account, please consider joining this newly-created group to rub a little salt in the wounds of Viking Nation.

While We're On The Subject...


So he says he's likely not coming back. Maybe. Who knows? I hope he either goes away or comes back and his physical skills really start eroding. I did enjoy this little diddy, though: "I didn't feel like I had anything to prove coming in. But if there were doubters out there maybe I served notice to them, but my goal is to get to Miami and obviously that's not going to happen. If it is [my last game], it is no doubt I'm on top." As Peter King might say, the GALL of this man is unbelievable.

Does anyone remember this play?


I'm right there with Posnanski on this one - I remember the play, but not the year or opponent. Something tells me this was at Green Bay, but that could just be faulty memory. So can anyone pinpoint it?

Radio Call of Favre's Final INT


The radio call of Favre's INT last night against the Saints. The ending of this is great! I burst out laughing the first time I heard it.

CBA Fact Sheet


Mile High Report found a breakdown released by the NFL of the details of the upcoming season's financial issues if no new CBA is released.

Hit 'Em Up


A mid-90's -ish rap trash talk post RE: people who are all of a sudden Viking fans. With no actual rap involved.

Cal Bears In The Pros: Aaron Rodgers (NFL Wild Card)

Cal Bears In The Pros: Aaron Rodgers (NFL Wild Card)