Packers-Bears Game Is a Nearly-National Broadcast


It's not often that a noon game is distributed to 90% of the United States, but it appears to be the case this week with the Packers-Bears game. FOX has only three games at noon this week, so unless you're in the Northeast, Florida, Michigan, or Ohio, you should be able to tune in for the game on your local FOX affiliate.

Former Packers punter B.J. Sander now cuts grass for a living


B.J. Sander now owns a landscaping business with his brothers.

Packers promoting Bears game with Mike Daniels


It's a small and mostly inconsequential detail, but the Packers' promotion for their Week 4 tilt with the Bears features Mike Daniels as opposed to the more typical Aaron Rodgers or Clay Matthews. It's the latest sign that Daniels' own star has risen considerably.

Tramon Wears Optimus Prime Shirt after Practice


Too bad for Calvin Johnson - the good guys always win. I sort of hope Tramon was wearing this exact one, just because it's so incredibly cheesy.

Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang Are Disappointed in Aaron Rodgers' Jersey Sales


Lang: "I touch his jersey every day and it's lovely. It has a high thread count." Hug it out, guys, hug it out.

New York Tabloids React Predictably to Packers' Win Over Jets


One thing is for sure - no city has media coverage quite like New York, and both the Post and Daily News had rather amusing headlines a day after the Packers defeated the Jets 31-24 (with the help of a controversial timeout).

Richard Sherman took away Aaron Rodgers' favorite side of the field


As you can see from the distribution graph, Aaron Rodgers throws predominantly towards his right side on both short and deep passes. Whether by design or accident, the Packers avoided that side of the field. It's the Richard Sherman effect. (Via Danny Kelly of Field Gulls)

Starks goes from Depth to Must perform..


As much as I want to see Starks as the starter I don't want to see it like this... We're hoping for a quick recovery for Lacy over at Bull Run.