Brad Jones was the key on Seattle's Fake Field Goal


Jones showed up on the left side, which meant undrafted rookie tackle Garry Gilliam would get the throw if necessary. Gilliam, a converted tight end out of Penn State, hadn’t caught a touchdown since high school. "I broke the huddle like, Please be on my side, please be on my side," Gilliam says. "And then [Jones] was."

Onside kick recovery, fake field goal in Seattle's NFC title game win | The MMQB with Peter King

Mike McCarthy Addresses Aaron Rodgers' Injury


"He has a shoulder injury, they want to run more tests, they don't have an exact diagnosis. We'll have more information for you tomorrow."

Mike McCarthy in his post-game press conference on Monday night

Peterson Answers Who's the Best Rookie RB Prospect in the NFL


eddie lacy, but he's on a passing team. but that was a real good pickup... that i didnt like

Adrian Peterson's AMA on Reddit

My favorite Ask Vic answer to date:


Q: Vic, I just saw a post on that read, "NFL wants more humane way to handle player cuts." Thought you’d like that one. A: Commissioner Goodell wants to see you and bring your mommy?

David Bakhtiari on His Style of Play


I’m a nuisance. I’m a little brother so I can be really annoying. I’m a finesse player but I will throw cheap shots ... I think I’m nimble and quick on my feet. I play with a high motor. I’m just annoying.

Matthew Mulligan Contract Details


@BobMcGinn TE Matt Mulligan's 1-yr, $820,000 deal with #Packers includes $50,000 sign bonus, $30,000 roster bonus, $25K w'out bonus and $715K min. base

Twitter / BobMcGinn

Vikings Overpay Greg Jennings, Continue Storied Tradition of Scooping Up Ex-Packers


(Jennings) goes from playing with two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time to playing with Christian Ponder and a receiving corps composed of Jarius Wright, Jerome Simpson, a lukewarm Hot Pocket, and a broomstick wearing an Anthony Carter jersey. (I might have the depth chart slightly out of order there.)

from Grantland

I'm looking for a place to watch the Packers this week near the Illinois State campus...


I'm looking for a place to watch the Packers this week near the Illinois State campus (Bloomington-Normal). Is anyone familiar with a Packer bar/grill to watch the game?

Boo hoo, NFL broadcast rules


Boo hoo, NFL broadcast rules

Open thread for those of you who either could only watch the tape delayed version of the game or who chose to watch the tape delayed version of the game, and therefore stayed out of the main game thread.