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Q&A with Football Outsiders

Football Outsiders Q&A: Vikings still have slight edge over Packers in tough NFC North

Despite the Packers’ improvements, FO thinks Minnesota remains the best team in one of the NFL’s best divisions.

Football Outsiders: Top-half finish is a good goal for Mike Pettine’s Packers defense

Keeping expectations realistic can be tough, but FO helps keep us grounded on what to expect in Pettine’s first year as Packers DC.

Football Outsiders on ‘striking’ recent change in Aaron Rodgers’ game

During Aaron Rodgers’ statistical peak, he led the NFL in yards per attempt by a sizable margin. Since 2015, he falls slightly below the league average. Football Outsiders discusses this regression and what could reverse it.

Football Outsiders examines how Graham’s arrival, Nelson’s departure affects Packers

In the second part of Acme Packing Company’s Q&A with Football Outsiders, Scott Kacsmar examines how the arrival of Jimmy Graham and departure of Jordy Nelson will change the Packers offense.

Football Outsiders sees reasons for optimism with Packers guard Justin McCray

In part one of our Q&A with FO, we get an outside opinion on the Packers' new starter on the offensive line.