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Packers Free Agency 2021

The case against keeping Preston Smith in 2021

A formerly solid player had a terrible 2020, and yet he may remain on the team in 2021?

J.J. Watt will sign with Arizona Cardinals on 2-year, $31 million contract

Watt will not be returning home to Wisconsin.

Packers are reportedly among leaders to sign J.J. Watt, but no ‘imminent’ signing expected

Green Bay joins Tennessee and Buffalo as prime candidates, according to this report, though another suggests that there is no signing imminent.

The Packers have spent two offseasons preparing for Corey Linsley’s departure

When looked at in totality, it’s clear that the Packers have been putting a plan into action in expectation of the center leaving this offseason.

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Several mid-tier boundary cornerbacks could interest the Packers in free agency

Cap casualties largely are yet to hit the market, but which true free agents at corner could Green Bay look at next month?

Packers Free Agent CBs: Return of Kevin King will depend on the outside market

Green Bay has some moves to be made at cornerback this offseason and King is the most notable name on the list.

Packers 2021 Free Agents: Will Redmond’s time in Green Bay may be up

The Packers have two free agent safeties, and one of them is almost surely gone.

NFL sets new salary cap floor at $180 million for 2021

Teams can now plan for a slightly less bad worst-case scenario.

Packers 2021 Free Agents: James Burgess may be moving on to his tenth team

If the price is right, the journeyman may be back, however it’s more likely the Burgess journey will continue on.

2021 Free Agents: Expect Randy Ramsey to return for edge depth

The only edge rusher without a contract for 2021 should still return thanks to his status as an exclusive-rights free agent.

Packers 2021 Free Agents: Decision time approaches on four defensive linemen

The Packers’ toughest decision across this group probably comes with Tyler Lancaster. Is a low restricted free agent tender too much for a rotational run-stopper?

2021 Free Agents: Corey Linsley will force hard decisions across offensive line

What will the Packers do about their most important internal free agent?

Houston Texans plan to release J.J. Watt at his request

Watt would seem to be a great fit for the Packers, but to bring him home, Green Bay would need to free up significant cap room.

Packers Free Agent TEs: Green Bay has some decisions to make at tight end

Will a cap crunch and old age bring a career to a close? And how much will the Packers gamble with their best tight end?

2021 Free Agents: No tough calls at wide receiver, at least not until 2022

Since the only major contributor among the Packers’ free agent WRs has just two accrued seasons, the decisions at this position are easy to make — unlike across much of the rest of the roster.

Packers 2021 Free Agents: RFA decision looms on backup QB Tim Boyle

The human victory cigar may find himself on the move, or at least unprotected when free agency begins.