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Full list of Packers’ picks in the 2023 NFL Draft after the Aaron Rodgers trade

With the deal done, Green Bay now has 11 total picks and four in the top 80.

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The Aaron Rodgers trade is here, it’s real, and it’s spectacular — for the Green Bay Packers, at least. The Packers got a swap of first-round picks and a second-rounder in 2023 from the New York Jets for Rodgers, adding to a strong batch of draft capital that they had coming into Monday.

Now the team holds a total of 11 picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, with three in the first 45. Here is the complete list of the Packers’ picks once the trade is finalized with the league office:

  • Round 1 — #13 (from NYJ)
  • Round 2 — #42 (from NYJ)
  • Round 2 — #45
  • Round 3 — #78
  • Round 4 — #116
  • Round 5 — #149
  • Round 6 — #207 (compensatory pick, from NYJ)
  • Round 7 — #232
  • Round 7 — #235 (from DET via LAR)
  • Round 7 — #242 (from JAX)
  • Round 7 — #256 (compensatory)

That’s a whopping 11 picks that the Packers now have after executing the trade. In addition to the first-round swap and the addition of pick #42, Green Bay also swapped out late-round picks, sending their 5th-round compensatory selection at 170 to New York and getting back a 6th-round comp pick at #207 in return.

Last year, the Packers made ten selections in the draft, a number that included four 7th-round picks. All ten of those players made the opening 53-man roster, though a few of them never saw game action in their rookie seasons.

Expect the Packers to try to make some trades this year; after all, there probably are not 11 viable roster spots for rookies this season. A few of those late-round selections could end up being trade fodder to move up, perhaps on day two of the draft. Packers fans will just have to wait and see what moves the team makes, but at least the Rodgers drama — and the questions about what picks they might receive in a trade — are finally answered.