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NFL Draft 2023: Day 1 Thursday Open Thread & APC Live Draft Show

Day one of the draft will see the Packers pick at least once, and APC will be live on video to break down the entire first round.

NFL: NFL Draft-Kansas City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s here. It’s finally here.

The 2023 NFL Draft is about to get underway. This year’s first round has just 31 picks, one fewer than normal thanks to the Miami Dolphins forfeiting a selection, which should wrap up night one of the draft about ten minutes early.

Waiting at the 13th overall selection are the Green Bay Packers, who moved up two slots from #15 via the Aaron Rodgers trade. The Packers also have picks number 42 and 45 in the second round, one of which could end up in a package deal to move back into the late stages of round one late this evening.

While Green Bay Packers fans await the Packers’ selection(s), we at Acme Packing Company will be covering the entire first night of the draft live on our YouTube channel. Follow along with the live show below or out on YouTube, where you can interact with us and ask questions or post comments about the events and picks throughout Thursday evening.

Join us at about 6:45 PM Central time and Go Pack Go!

APC Live Draft Show