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Packers vs. Vikings: Dud of the week

For the most part, the Packers put in a good performance against the Vikings, but they lost, so we name a dud.


When I posted the MVP of the week, I said that I didn't expect it to be close. When I wrote that, I didn't consider the potential dud of the week voting. Greg Jennings and Aaron Rodgers were both excellent and are both going to get plenty of votes in that poll. This poll? Well, let's say I expect this one to be much more one-sided.

You all know which guy I have in mind for dud. I'm not going to say, in case you don't. But he's the picture. Oops! Here are the nominees:

S M.D. Jennings: His five tackles almost disqualify him for this, but he made mistakes in coverage and missed plenty as well. It's actually been a bit of a rough year for The Doctor.

ILB Brad Jones: He probably had more whiffs on Peterson than anyone else.

CB Tramon Williams: Penalties, blown coverages, lots of missed tackles. The hands to the face penalty that gave the Vikings another set of downs in the red zone was brutal.