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Reporting as Eligible - A Cornucopia of Failure

When everything goes wrong at once, where does blame even begin?

Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Several Acme Packing Company contributors have joined forces for a Packers-focused podcast: Reporting As Eligible. If you’ve ever wondered what Paul Noonan, Tyler Brooke, or Matub sound like in real life, tune in as they join JR Radcliffe of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for discussion and banter about the Packers and whatever else is going on out there.

On an all new episode of Reporting as Eligible, JR, Paul, and Matt tackle the embarrassing loss to Denver, unweaving the rich tapestry of horrible failure binding the Packers into the the bottom five cellar of the NFL. Is Jordan Love struggling because of poor play calling by Matt LaFleur? Is Matt LaFleur struggling because he cannot trust his line? Is the line struggling because Adam Stenavich was Peter Principled to offensive coordinator? Are Luke Musgrave and Jayden Reed struggling with incorrect usage, and is that Brian Gutekunst’s fault? Or Matt’s Fault? Is Joe Barry the shining star, or should we still pay attention to every time he send out nickel for 3rd and 1?

The answer, of course, is a little bit of everything. Is Christian Watson a bust, or simply struggling while learning the route tree, and with a quarterback who can’t throw a go-route to save his life. Why end zone fades? Will trades be happening? Will people be fired? And what, if anything, is there to be optimistic about after losing to one of the worst teams in football?

All that, plus listener questions! Wow, that exclamation point seems a bit out of place.

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