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Rules for NFL Training Camp Rookies: Don't Hit the Quarterback

Those red jerseys exist for a reason in training camp - if you're a rookie who so much as touches a star QB in practice, you'll be out on your ass instantly.


On Wednesday, football writer and former NFL safety Matt Bowen decided to look back on his days in training camp. One of the tidbits he noted involved his experience in Green Bay for training camp with the Packers prior to the 2002 season that he spent with the team.

That's no surprise - in 2001, Brett Favre was a Pro Bowler who helped lead the Packers to a 12-4 season on nearly 4,000 yards, 32 touchdown passes, and 15 picks. He wore a red jersey for a reason: he was the star of that team, football's iron man, and the most valuable individual asset in the city.

Well, Danny Kelly of SB Nation's Seahawks blog Field Gulls saw this and helped expand on just how careful the Packers were with Favre, especially during the days when Mike Holmgren was coaching. Current Seahawks' GM John Schneider was a Packers scout from 1993-1997 under Holmgren, and Kelly recalls the two telling a story on a Seattle radio station:

Considering the time frame when both worked together in Green Bay, this is easy to believe. Favre won three straight MVP awards from 1995-97, and the team went to Super Bowls. The head coach was not about to allow a rookie, especially one signed by a scout (presumably as an undrafted free agent) jeopardize one of the best players in football.

So take a lesson from this, young Green Bay Packers: don't hit Aaron Rodgers in training camp, or you'll be out on the street before practice is over.