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Packers Injury Report: Perry, Shields, Raji, Jennings all Out

The Packers' injury report for the game against the Rams on Sunday is longer than it has been in recent weeks.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

In his Friday press conference, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy announced the team's preliminary injury report for Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams. You're not going to like it.


WR Greg Jennings (groin)
OLB Nick Perry (knee)
NT B.J. Raji (ankle)
CB Sam Shields (shin)


QB Aaron Rodgers (calf)
TE Jermichael Finley (shoulder)
TE D.J. Williams (hamstring)
RB Alex Green (shoulder)
S Sean Richardson (hamstring)
CB Davon House (shoulder)

Jennings remains out, which is no surprise to anyone following his injury. The Packers' receivers played well last week without him, and the team probably feels no pressure to rush him back. Perry will be replaced in the starting lineup by Erik Walden, who has also played well recently. It remains to be seen how Walden will play when forced to spend an entire game at the linebacker position, as he is also a key special teams contributor.

Raji remains out as well, which will keep Ryan Pickett at nose tackle this weekend. Hopefully Mike Neal and Jerel Worthy can be stout at the defensive end position once again. Finally, Shields' absence likely paves the way for Casey Hayward to take over the outside cornerback position in the nickel package. Davon House likely will make his return to the lineup this week and may take some snaps in the dime package.