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More Details on Jennings' Groin Surgery: 3-6 Weeks Estimated Recovery

Slowly, more details are trickling out about the surgery that Greg Jennings has elected to undergo next week. As the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports, the injury is sometimes classified as a "sports hernia", or a tear of the abdominal muscles in the groin.

As noted in the article linked above, this type of hernia typically has a recovery time of three to six weeks. If we assume that timetable is accurate for Jennings, he would end up returning to action in Week 15, which would put him on the field against the Chicago Bears on December 16th at Soldier Field.

In any case, Packers fans and Jennings can still be optimistic that he'll return before the end of the regular season. In the meantime, we will continue to hope that Jordy Nelson's hamstring injury is nothing more than a minor tweak and that Randall Cobb continues his improvement into a consistent, dynamic offensive weapon.