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Revisiting Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler returns to football, agrees to contract with the Dolphins

Retirement was short-lived for Cutler, who now heads to Miami.

Jay Cutler hired by FOX, could call Packers-Bears in Week 10

It seems Cutler’s days of throwing picks are over, as he is following Tony Romo by trading in the helmet for a headset.

Revisiting Jay Cutler: The 2010 NFC Championship Game

The narratives surrounding Jay Cutler changed on a single day in January 2011, when the Packers advanced to Super Bowl XLV.

The Early Years of Jay Cutler’s career against the Packers

The Packers faced Jay Cutler six times in his first five seasons, and we look at those contests leading up to the 2010 NFC title game.

Revisiting the Jay Cutler trade

With Jay Cutler's divorce from the Bears imminent, we look back at the trade that brought him to Chicago.