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Lions-Packers Early Week 5 Preview from Acme Podcasting Company

Join Tex and Kevin as they break down the Packers' first three games, their injuries, and look ahead to the game against the Lions on Sunday.

Tom Lynn

Live, from our living rooms, it's another episode of Acme Podcasting Company.

In tonight's podcast, Tex and Kevin take a look back at the first three weeks of the Packers' season to try to come to grips with what type of team Green Bay really is after four weeks. They also discuss the myriad injuries facing the team and what that means for the team moving forward, in terms of offensive and defensive schemes as well as matchups with some of the teams coming up on the schedule.

Finally, they break down some of the key matchups to watch in this Sunday's game against the Lions. Find out why we think that the winner of this game should be the favorite to win the NFC North this season.

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