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Packers vs. 49ers: Dud of the Week

This week's dud has a number of valid candidates vying for the game's highest dishonor, and we throw some coaches into the fire as well.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

When a defense allows an all-time high in quarterback rushing yards and gives up 45 points, there are bound to be a number of players on that unit who played poorly and would be worthy of a "dud" tag. We came up with two players in particular, while two members of the coaching staff deserve some consideration as well.

Erik Walden: Yesterday, I detailed his complete and utter failure to recognize a zone read play and set the edge; sadly, this wasn't the only time that happened on the day. I can't think of a single positive thing to say about Walden's play this week. Hopefully Nick Perry will be ready to go again at the beginning of next season, because I don't ever want to see that #93 for Green Bay in the starting lineup again.

Tramon Williams: He got beaten like a drum time and again in the first half by Michael Crabtree. For someone who's supposed to be a top-flight cornerback, he played one of his worst games of the season on the biggest stage and repeatedly looked lost in coverage. I am loath to suggest it, but with Sam Shields' very solid season and Casey Hayward's emergence, could Williams lose his starting job next season?

Mike McCarthy: Devin detailed the head coach's problematic playcalling this week, and I can't disagree. The offense never found a rhythm and while some of that may be due to the opponent playing ball-control offense and running the ball with success, I distinctly remember being livid even on the first three and out. After picking up seven yards on first down, McCarthy called two straight throws into the flat rather than running the ball. Then, he all but abandoned the running game in the second half, even when it was a one-score game. McCarthy definitely deserves to take a good portion of the blame for the offense's ineffectiveness, though it isn't entirely his fault.

Dom Capers: It's like Capers didn't know the zone read was coming and didn't prepare for it at all. Plus, his insistence on playing man coverage all game against a dual-threat quarterback certainly won't endear him to any Packers fans this week. The defense looked out-muscled and out-executed by the 49ers' offense, but worst of all they looked unprepared and bland in their attempts to stop San Francisco.

Who's your pick for Dud of the Week? If you have another nominee, please explain in the comments.