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2015 NFL Draft Order: Packers hold pick #30 in first round

Barring a trade, Ted Thompson will be on the clock late this evening.

Who will be holding up a green and gold jersey this evening?
Who will be holding up a green and gold jersey this evening?
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft finally begins this evening, after weeks and months of buildup, hype, and mock drafts. Starting at 7:00 central time tonight, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will get the league's premier offseason event started with the first pick.

For the entire schedule of the 2015 NFL Draft, click here.

Round one takes place tonight, with rounds two and three on Friday evening and the remainder of the draft on Saturday. Here is the picking order for round one as it stands currently, though it is most certainly subject to change as many trades are expected.

Currently, the Green Bay Packers hold the 30th pick by virtue of making it to the NFC Championship Game (and having a better record than the Colts, the loser of the AFC Championship).

Pick Team 2014 Record
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-14
2 Tennessee Titans 2-14
3 Jacksonville Jaguars 3-13
4 Oakland Raiders 3-13
5 Washington 4-12
6 New York Jets 4-12
7 Chicago Bears 5-11
8 Atlanta Falcons 6-10
9 New York Giants 6-10
10 St. Louis Rams 6-10
11 Minnesota Vikings 7-9
12 Cleveland Browns 7-9
13 New Orleans Saints 7-9
14 Miami Dolphins 8-8
15 San Francisco 49ers 8-8
16 Houston Texans 9-7
17 San Diego Chargers 9-7
18 Kansas City Chiefs 9-7
19 Cleveland Browns (via Buffalo Bills) 7-9
20 Philadelphia Eagles 10-6
21 Cincinnati Bengals 10-5-1
22 Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
23 Detroit Lions 11-5
24 Arizona Cardinals 11-5
25 Carolina Panthers 7-8-1
26 Baltimore Ravens 10-6
27 Dallas Cowboys 12-4
28 Denver Broncos 12-4
29 Indianapolis Colts 11-5
30 Green Bay Packers 12-4
31 New Orleans Saints (via Seattle Seahawks) 7-9
32 New England Patriots 12-4

No selections in round one: Buffalo (first-round pick traded to Cleveland in 2014 as part of deal to move up for WR Sammy Watkins) and Seattle (first-round pick traded to New Orleans in deal for TE Jimmy Graham).

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