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Damarious Randall interview: newest Packers draft pick talks about his route to NFL

The Packers' top draft pick spoke to the media for the first time following his selection.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday night, new Green Bay Packers defensive back Damarious Randall spoke to Packers media via telephone to answer questions about his draft experience and his future with the Packers organization.

Randall took questions regarding his position, any familiarity he had with the Packers, and more. Here are some of his comments.

  • On the wait to be drafted: "It was an amazing feeling hearing my name getting called. Green Bay and their coaching staff believing in me, it was a very exciting moment for me and my family."
  • Regarding what position he was approached about playing by NFL teams: "I have a background at both (cornerback or safety) back in my future. I feel I can play whatever they ask me to play. It was kinda mixed, probably 12 teams talking about corner and 7 or 8 talking about safety."
  • Which position he prefers: "I can play both, corner is fun to be up there on an island. Safety being back there controlling the back end is kinda fun."
  • If he had any idea that the Packers might be his final destination: "Honestly, I didn't think so but my agent was just telling me that everybody is a possibility...I just kinda went in, watching it with my family, hoping for the best."
  • On his contact with the Packers during the draft process: "I spent a lot of time with them at the NFL Combine, and I spent a lot of time one on one with the Secondary coach...I can't even recall his name, to be honest."
  • On playing a lot of man coverage: "Yeah, even when I was at safety, I played a lot of zero coverage because Arizona State blitzes a lot."
  • Whether he was a cornerback when he transferred into Arizona State: "Yeah, I was coming in as a corner. Me, coach (Todd) Graham, and the (other) coaches sat down and they said 'we need you at saffety because we have guys that can hold their own at corner, and we need you to play safety'."
  • On his relationship with fellow Packer Carl Bradford, also from Arizona State: "Yeah, Carl is a great, great guy and I was talking to him a couple weeks ago...he was telling me to get ready and prepared to come in for rookie minicamp, but me not knowing I was going to be a Packer."