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NFL Draft Reactions: Packers' GM Ted Thompson discusses day two picks

The Packers' head personnel man spoke a lot, but said little after day two of the draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Following the close of day two of the 2015 NFL Draft, Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson spoke to the media, addressing the Packers' decisions to draft cornerback Quinten Rollins in round two and wide receiver Ty Montgomery in the third round.

Here are some of Ted's comments from the press conference.

  • "We kinda set a plan, it's a simple plan, but we tried to make sure we got football players  and we think we got a few more tonight."
  • On what he saw in Quinten Rollins: "Well, you watch him play! You watch his ball skills, he's really kind of remarkable, it's surprising...he's a pretty natural football player."
  • On Ty Montgomery and why he's so good in the return game: "He's a very strong runner, very instinctive, has good quickness, all the things you look for. The key thing is his strength level is better than most...(return ability is) always a factor, it wasn't an overriding factor, but it was a factor in how we ranked them."
  • Why did you take another wide receiver? "We've got an offensive head coach. The game is that sort of game. Since I've been here, we've had Brett Favre playing quarterback or Aaron Rodgers, so you'd like to give them as many guys to throw to as you can."
  • Will the Packers address the inside linebackers before training camp? "We're gonna address that just like we address all the other positions. We're gonna make that as strong as we can. It's fine. (Why do you feel that way?) Because I'm a football guy. I have confidence in the fellows that we have."
  • Does that mean that Clay Matthews has to play inside now? "I don't know that it means that. I'm not the defensive coordinator."
  • Do you factor in the abilities of your position coaches when making picks (for example Joe Whitt developing Rollins)? "Probably not, not in the draft room at the time. In retrospect, yeah, Joe's that kind of coach and he can take them and make them good or make them better or see how they can be better."
  • Why have you not made a trade last year or on the first two days this year? "I do, I kinda like to swap picks around. It hasn't worked where we're ready and the other team's ready and everything's all put to bed. But I'm cool with making trades as long as it makes sense for both parties."
So yeah, Ted Thompson proves again that he's a GM who is a master of saying a lot while really saying nothing.