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Packers draft pick Jake Ryan is "happy to be a Packer"

The newest Packer spoke to the media following his selection in the NFL Draft

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers used their fourth-round draft pick, the 129th overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft, on Michigan linebacker Jake Ryan. Following the selection, Ryan spoke to Packers media in a conference call that was streamed live on Here are some of his comments.

  • On the inside linebacker position in a 3-4: "I feel comfortable...I'm really feeling the middle linebacker, and hopefully I can make an impact and help the Packers."
  • Regarding making the transition from outside linebacker to the middle his senior year: "When you're an OB, you're on the line. I was looking at one thing all the time. When you're an inside guy, you're looking at the line, you're looking at the back, you're looking all over."
  • How would you describe your style of play? "I think instinctively is a good word to describe how I play...I've got pretty good speed, a lot of film work goes into football, so just knowing what happens before the play I think is huge."
  • On not being a heavily recruited player in high school: "Those stars, those 2.5 stars coming out of high school, those stars don't matter. I wasn't highly recruited, I didn't let that shape how I played." Was he mad that OSU didn't recruit him since he's from Ohio? "Absolutely not. I was not mad at all. I love Michigan, everything about it, and I had the greatest time there."
  • On his recovery from a torn ACL in 2013: "Just dedication, dedication in the weight room, dedication in the film room and with the medical, rehab, the whole entire process. It was long, but once I got on that course, i wanted to get back in my goal of 6 months, and I got back in 6.5 months. The training staff at Michigan was amazing...I wanted to get back for my team, I wanted to get back for the guys that I play with. It's tough sitting on the sideline and watching the game that you love."
  • Has he thought about the possibility he could play right away for the Packers? "It'd be awesome to go out and have an impact. I'm gonna go in there and work as hard as I can, get in the best shape I can and do everything I need to do to be successful there."
  • Did he think he should have been drafted before other linebackers? "You can't look at it like that. It all depends on how the scouts put it and approach it. But I'm happy and I'm happy to be a Packer."