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Packers draft pick reaction: Brett Hundley ends up in a great situation in Green Bay

The Packers traded up to take a quarterback that may have gone in the first round if he had entered the 2014 draft.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Hundley was a potential first-round pick when he decided to stay at UCLA for his redshirt junior season. The decision not to leave for the 2014 Draft certainly hurt his draft stock, but it may prove worthwhile in the long run. Hundley is not a NFL-ready quarterback, nor was he last year. He possesses all the physical tools of a starting caliber NFL quarterback including size and speed, but he is not a consistently accurate passer at this point, inside or outside the pocket. Hundley's athleticism allowed him to get away with that in college, but he'll need a lot of work at the next level. There certainly isn't a better guy in the league to learn from in Aaron Rodgers, who possesses some similar athleticism to what Hundley displayed at UCLA.

Most of the knocks on Hundley regard his technique and comfort level with the position, not athletic ability. That is ideal for a player that will have multiple years to learn from the league's best at the position and from Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Hundley may be disappointed that he won't have a chance to play right away, but he does have the opportunity to compete for a backup spot. He is still a relatively raw prospect who played in a short passing scheme at UCLA; in 2014, over 54 percent of his attempts were from six yards or less.

For a little extra look at Hundley's skill set, here's a look at his statistics based on a route-by-route breakdown, thanks to Pro Football Focus' Bryan Hall:

Overall, I think there is a lot of value and upside with this pick for the Packers. Hundley surprised some people when he returned to school for his junior season, but it might eventually work in his favor assuming that he makes the most of this opportunity. This is an ideal situation for a player who has all the physical tools to develop into Aaron Rodgers' successor, or play his way into a contract somewhere else as Matt Flynn did.