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2017 NFL Draft Order: Full list of Green Bay Packers’ picks

Now that compensatory draft picks have been awarded, we know the overall slots for each of the Packers’ picks.

2014 NFL Draft Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

The NFL announced the awarding of compensatory selections for the 2017 NFL Draft on Friday afternoon, and with these announcements, the official order for the draft’s selections is finally set. The Green Bay Packers received one 5th-round comp pick, bringing their total up to eight total picks (as of this date).

In addition to confirming the number of picks that each team will have, this announcement also locks in the draft slots and overall pick numbers for each team’s selections. We now know all of the final numbers for those eight picks as well.

Here are the Packers’ eight selections, which consist of the one compensatory pick and the team’s original draft picks, as they received the 29th pick in each round (prior to the application of draft pick penalties to other teams) as a result of their finish in the 2016 NFL playoffs.

  • Round 1, pick 29: #29 overall
  • Round 2, pick 29: #61 overall
  • Round 3, pick 29: #93 overall
  • Round 4, pick 28*: #134 overall
  • Round 5, pick 29: #174 overall
  • Round 5, pick 39 (compensatory): #184 overall
  • Round 6, pick 29: #214 overall
  • Round 7: #249 overall

* The Giants’ fourth-round pick (#23, #130 overall) was moved back to the 34th pick in round four (#140 overall) for violations of in-game communication policies (source).