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2017 Packers Draft Picks: Green Bay will pick first on days 2 and 3 of 2017 NFL Draft

Green Bay now has nine picks, but they hold all the cards throughout the day on Friday with the first pick of day two.

News: Green Bay Packers Shareholder Meeting Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers held the 29th pick in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, but they elected not to use that selection, instead trading back with the Cleveland Browns. In exchange for pick number 29, the Packers added the first picks in each of the second and fourth rounds of the draft, meaning that they are currently scheduled to be on the clock first on the second and third days of the draft.

Here is a look at the picks currently held by the Packers as of the end of round one:

  • Round 2, pick 1 (#33 overall, from Browns)
  • Round 2, pick 29 (#61)
  • Round 3, pick 29 (#93)
  • Round 4, pick 1 (#108, from Browns)
  • Round 4, pick 27 (#172)
  • Round 5, pick 28 (#172)
  • Round 5, pick 38 (#192, compensatory pick)
  • Round 6, pick 28 (#212)
  • Round 7, pick 29 (#247)

That leaves the Packers with a total of nine selections. However, general manager Ted Thompson did note that he is open to shopping the first pick of day two: “Oh yeah, you can put that down,” he said. “That’ll save us a couple of phone calls.”

Keep it locked here as we prepare for day two of the draft tonight and throughout the day tomorrow, and we will be sure to keep our eyes out for any news of potential trades involving the Packers’ next selection.