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Packers’ Eliot Wolf on Kevin King: “We like his skill set and his athletic ability”

The Packers front office were concerned about missing on King if they moved back again, so they stayed put and landed an impressive athlete.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after the Green Bay Packers made their first selection of the 2017 NFL Draft — cornerback Kevin King from Washington with the 33rd overall pick — one of the team’s top personnel executives spoke to the media about the selection.

Eliot Wolf, Director—Football Operations, took the podium at Lambeau Field to take a handful of questions about King and about the Packers’ strategy with the 33rd pick in the draft. Here is a partial transcript of his numbers.

Why did the Packers stay at 33 instead of trading back again?

“No one really came and gave us the kind of value (we needed) and we felt it could cost us the player.”

What does this say about the state of the cornerback unit on the roster?

“It says we’re adding another piece to it. We’re expecting some improvements with some of our young guys, and we signed Davon House and we added a good player in Kevin.”

What is it about King that impressed the staff?

“We certainly like his skill set and his athletic ability. He’s supposed to be a great kid, he’s smart.”

Does he have ability to be a #1 cornerback?

“We think so, yes. We got the tallest corner in the draft and a guy who runs really fast. We’re excited about it.”

Do you view King as a boundary corner?

“I think he can definitely be that. He’s done it all. For such a tall guy, he’s played in the slot, he can play safety. We do view him more as a corner, but we think he can help us. We think he’s strong enough. Good tackler, strong in press. We didn’t see (11 bench press reps at the Combine) as an issue.”

Will the Packers draft another cornerback this year?

“If the board falls that way, that would be something we’d consider.”

Since this is five Pac-12 players drafted first in six years, Does west coast scout Sam Seale have more sway in the draft room?

“I think he thinks he does! I’m just kidding. That’s just kind of the way it’s fallen. We don’t go out there and say ‘we’re going to get a Pac-12 guy.’”