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Packers assign draft picks' jersey numbers: King gets 20, Biegel 45, & more

Vince Biegel won't get to keep his college number in Green Bay.

NCAA Football: Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday afternoon, the day after the 2917 NFL Draft concluded, the Green Bay Packers announced the jersey numbers to be assigned to the team's ten draft picks.

Here is the announcement from the teams twitter account:

King, the teams first pick at 33 overall, gets to keep the number 20 that he wore for the Washington Huskies. Vince Biegel, who wire 47 with the Wisconsin Badgers, picked a nearby number since 47 is already claimed by inside linebacker Jake Ryan.

By contrast, the other two defensive players cannot choose their college numbers. DB Josh Jones wore 11 in his final season at NC State, while Montravius Adams, amusingly, wore number 1 as a nose tackle at Auburn.

As a Wisconsin alumnus, I'll be ordering a number 45 jersey shortly. If you're feeling unhappy about Eddie Lacy's departure, just order a new nameplate for your 27 jersey and you're good to go!