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Wednesday Walkthroughs: Which prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft scare you the most?

The APC writers share the players that scare them as possible Packers targets.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone has a favorite player heading into the NFL Draft. We shared our very early draft crushes way back in January.

But for every player we love, there’s another that terrifies us, someone we’d hate to see the Packers draft. Here is our list of those players. Who’s on yours?

Matub - DK Metcalf - WR, Mississippi

I have actually seen multiple mocks from “trusted draft gurus” that put DK Metcalf in Green Bay at pick #12. That is such a monumentally bad idea that I can’t even begin to describe the welt on my forehead from facepalming so hard. In fact, that pick is what inspired this ENTIRE walkthrough topic.

DK Metcalf is the personification of the James Cameron vehicle, Avatar. He’s all flash and no substance. He’s the kind of thing you watch on a 3D RealMotion 4K UHD TV and go “Ooooooo it’s so pretty!”, but when you really stop to think about it you question why you’re even doing this in the first place. It’s been said that Avatar is just Dances With Wolves with some good CGI.

DK Metcalf is a freak athlete who can run 4 simple routes and wins by being bigger, faster, and stronger than the guy in front of him.

Maybe I should change my answer to Dances With Janis.

Evan “Tex” Western - Either first-round off-ball linebacker

This is as much about positional value as anything else, but I do not want to see either Devin (White or Bush) become the Packers’ selection at 12 overall. Although rangy coverage linebackers are all the rage right now, I personally still subscribe to the approach that this is a position that can be filled with solid players later on. Yes, Roquan Smith had a good rookie season in Chicago last year, but second-round pick Darius Leonard was the defensive rookie of the year.

If I’m drafting in the top half of round one, I’d much rather have a starting-caliber offensive or defensive tackle or pass rusher than an off-ball linebacker. Plus, I’m still a believer in Oren Burks, and I expect to see him take a significant step forward in 2019.

Fundamentally, I think both White and Bush will be good NFL players. In a vacuum, I think I even prefer Bush over White. But I don’t think that either one is worthy of a top-15 pick. If the top options in the trenches are all gone, I’d much rather see the Packers trade back from 12 than take either of these players.

Jon Meerdink - Parris Campbell - WR, Ohio State

After previously writing about how excited I was to watch Parris Campbell at the Combine, I must now add that the idea of drafting him early scares me. A 4.31 time in the 40-yard dash is blisteringly fast, but he was largely a gadget player in Columbus. And to be fair, he was an effective one! But I’m wary of a player whose scouting report quickly focuses on his special teams acumen as a way of offsetting any concerns about his potential as a first-round bust. Ohio State fans may always have Par(r)is, but I hope the Packers never do.

Paul Noonan - Jachai Polite - EDGE, Florida

He of the bizarre combine interviews and 1.77 RAS

In addition to those red flags, he also has a spotty injury history, and he was once removed from the starting lineup at Florida because he “failed to meet the Gator standard,” which, let’s be honest, can’t really be that high. Polite may be talented and come from a bigtime college program, but his utter failure during his athletic testing didn’t just call into question his athleticism, as that lack of preparation gives additional support to the notion that he has makeup issues.

Maybe he’ll blow everyone away and those red flags won’t mean much, as was the case for JAmes’ Cameron’s Titanic, which was a allegedly a troubled production until it made a billion dollars and ran in theaters for a year. But I’m guessing Polite is more Waterworld, and less Titanic.

Wait, that metaphor is super confusing.

Shawn Wagner - Drew Lock - QB, Missouri

I agree with all of the players listed above, so without being a copycat, I’m going to go with Drew Lock.

I’m leery about all of the quarterbacks in this particular draft for various reasons, especially when rumors begin that Green Bay is interested. Lock’s build and arm strength are there for him to be a solid NFL quarterback, but we have seen many times that those traits are not all that is needed for the next level. Accuracy is integral to being a starting quarterback and Lock’s issues in this area cannot be overlooked. Neither can his issues against SEC opponents. Lock feasted on early-season matchups against smaller programs and that worry about production against the big boys lingers despite his years of experience under center at Missouri.

I really don’t want to see Green Bay select a quarterback with any of their first three picks, and Lock would make me especially nervous this year.