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Packers Draft Pick History: Green Bay made Mark Brunell the 118th pick in 1993

The QB later was flipped for a pair of draft picks, one of whom became a beloved player in Green Bay.

Mark Brunell

The Green Bay Packers hold ten draft picks in the 2019 NFL Draft, and for a team that has a storied, 100-year history, they have predictably made selections in the past at every one of these draft slots. Over the next few days leading up to this year’s draft, Acme Packing Company will examine the Packers’ history at each current slot for 2019, as well as run down the names of recent picks around the league at the position.

Believe it or not, the Green Bay Packers drafted the most successful NFL player ever selected with the 118th overall pick in the NFL Draft. It was back in 1993, and Ron Wolf was drafting as the Packers’ general manager for the second time. In those days, Wolf was a proponent of drafting a quarterback each and every season. Wolf believed that was the best way to develop backups; he often traded them away after letting them learn the NFL game in Green Bay for a time.

In 1993, the Packers picked a relatively unknown quarterback from the University of Washington, one who had more success as a mobile player than as a passer and who had never completed more than 60 percent of his passes in a season in college. Although he did not have his success in Green Bay, that player went on to have an 18-year NFL career, eventually earning a Super Bowl ring as a backup late in his career.

Packers’ History at #118

1943: Tom Brock, C

1993: Mark Brunell, QB

We know virtually nothing about Brock, but Brunell should be a household name for anyone who followed the NFL in the 1990s and early 2000s.

After not taking the field in his rookie season while sitting behind Brett Favre and Ty Detmer, Brunell did see brief action in 1994 as the backup. Wolf then traded him to the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars, getting draft picks in the third and fifth rounds in return. Wolf used those picks on fullback William Henderson and running back Travis Jervey respectively, while Brunell started ten games for the struggling new franchise.

Ultimately, the deal worked out for both sides. Brunell started for the Jaguars for nine seasons, making three Pro Bowls in that span and leading the Jaguars to the AFC Championship Game on two occasions (including in their second season in 1996). After that successful run, the Jaguars traded him to Washington for a third-round draft pick in 2004, and he spent four seasons with the team. He then signed a two-year deal to be Drew Brees’ backup in New Orleans in 2008, and he won a Super Bowl ring as a Saint in 2009.

All told, that was a great pick for the Packers, who eventually a fifth-round backup QB into a stellar, All-Pro caliber fullback and a decent backup running back/special teams player.

Recent History at #118

  • 2018: Anthony Averett, CB, Alabama (Ravens)
  • 2017: Mack Hollins, WR, North Carolina (Eagles)
  • 2016: Juston Burris, CB, North Carolina State (Jets)
  • 2015: Ramik Wilson, LB, Georgia (Chiefs)
  • 2014: Martavis Bryant, WR, Clemson (Steelers)
  • 2013: Sean Porter, LB, Texas A&M (Chiefs)
  • 2012: Jarius Wright, WR, Arkansas (Vikings)
  • 2011: Jalil Brown, CB, Colorado (Chiefs)