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Green Bay Packers make nine selections in 2020 NFL Draft

It’s always smart to draft quarterbacks, so the Jordan Love pick was a good one

Quarterbacks are extremely valuable, and teams do not draft enough of them.

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Packers look smart to bank on receiver depth, but questions linger about draft

Brian Gutekunst made no secret of the team’s desire to add receiver talent this offseason, yet even with a quiet draft, the Packers offense is cruising. They were right to believe their own players would be good enough, but that’s not quite a defense of the draft ... yet.

2020 NFL Draft

Packers sign first 2020 draft pick, 7th-rounder Jonathan Garvin

The Packers inked the first member of their nine-man draft class to his rookie contract.

Vernon Scott’s versatility and high ceiling could be overlooked part of Packers' draft class

One of the Packers’ final picks of the draft could provide some upside in filling the team’s revolving door at hybrid linebacker, while providing depth at safety and on special teams.

Can Jordan Love succeed for where so many other non-top-10 QBs have failed?

The list of quarterbacks picked in the range where Green Bay took Jordan Love is perilously small. But the "why" matters. Why did those players fail and is Love likely to fail where they did? We dug in to find out.

The Packers are targeting elite athletes in the NFL Draft, but is it working?

Brian Gutekunst has overseen a significant shift towards athleticism in the Packers’ draft strategy. Has it worked?

Breaking down the Packers’ 2020 NFL Draft class by athletic measures

Once again, the Packers’ draft class is littered with elite athletes, with only one player who had enough testing results earning an RAS below 8.

Finding a silver lining in the Packers’ 2020 offseason

Simply seeking answers from the Shanahan coaching tree explains the Packers’ current straetgy.

A defense of the Packers' selection of Jordan Love

As crazy as it initially seemed, there was and is sound reasoning behind the Packers taking their quarterback of the future

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Analyzing the process issues in the Packers’ 2020 Draft

The catastrophic 2020 Packer draft committed every draft day sin imaginable.

Packers’ 2020 draft picks receive jersey numbers with varied franchise histories

While the team’s 7th-round safety got a hallowed set of digits, the top picks have an opportunity to carve out some new franchise history.

Pandemic and Pandemonium: four takes on the Packers’ wacky 2020 draft

Green Bay’s draft route didn’t follow conventional thought, but it revealed the Packers’ eye toward the future.

Packers UDFA Breakdown: 2020 class has good mix of college production and athletic upside

This year’s undrafted class covers nearly every position and includes several productive FBS players as well as five who attended the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Packers thought another team was trying to trade up for Jordan Love, per report

Peter King says Brian Gutekunst was worried about another team jumping ahead of the Packers to select Jordan Love.

Packers UDFA Tracker: Following news, rumors, and signings after the 2020 NFL Draft

Follow along with the Packers’ acquisition of undrafted free agents here.

Brian Gutekunst’s view of the 2020 WR group sheds light on why Packers came up empty

Green Bay’s top personnel man explained that after the big early runs at receiver, the team just didn’t see the rest of the class as being as good as others did.

Packers select Jonathan Garvin with 242nd pick of 2020 NFL Draft

Green Bay selects the Miami edge rusher with its final pick of the draft.

Packers select TCU safety Vernon Scott with 236th pick in 2020 NFL Draft

The Packers went back to the defense, grabbing an athletic defensive back.

Draft analysts’ reactions to Packers’ three 6th-round offensive line picks

The Packers loaded up on the O-line with three picks close together in the sixth. Here’s how analysts look at these players in the NFL.

Packers select OL Simon Stepaniak with 209th pick of 2020 NFL Draft

Green Bay adds depth at guard again with its third pick in round six.

Packers select Oregon C Jake Hanson with 208th pick

New Packers LB Kamal Martin offers coverage and special teams value

Scout Brandian Ross praised Kamal Martin’s ability to line up against tight ends, but the former Minnesota linebacker also loves special teams.

Packers select Michigan OL Jon Runyan, Jr. with 192nd pick in 2020 NFL Draft

The Packers get the son of a former Pro Bowler in round six.

Draft analysts’ reactions to Packers’ selection of Minnesota LB Kamal Martin

Like most players drafted in round five or later, Martin has some limitations, but his size and aggressive attitude offer reasons for optimism.

Packers select ILB Kamal Martin with 175th pick of 2020 NFL Draft

Green Bay found a long off-ball linebacker in round five.

2020 Draft Central: Day 3 picks, trades, and discussion

After going all offense on days one and two — and at unexpected positions — the Packers will likely look to bolster other needs on the draft’s final day.

Brian Gutekunst says Packers’ day-two draft picks reflect commitment to the run game

The Packers’ GM alluded to some narrow misses on wide receivers in the early rounds of the 2020 Draft, but believes that the players they did pick on Friday can help the team immediately.

New Packers RB AJ Dillon loves cold weather and is a “deceptive athlete” for his size

Dillon and the person who scouted him for the Packers spoke to the media about the team’s second-round selection.

Packers pick TE/FB Josiah Deguara with 94th pick of 2020 NFL Draft

Green Bay grabbed another role player for their offense on day two of the draft.

Packers select RB AJ Dillon with pick 62 of 2020 NFL Draft

The Packers went with a running back — yes a running back — with their second pick of the 2020 draft.

2020 Draft Central: Day 2 picks, trades, and discussion

After a stunning move up for a quarterback in round one on Thursday, the Packers are back at it today with a pair of picks. Keep it here at APC as we follow along with all of them.

APC Podcast, 4/24: gut reactions to Packers selecting QB Jordan Love

After sleeping on it, the guys gather to give their reactions to the Packers trading up for QB Jordan Love.

Best available players for the Packers heading into Day 2 of the NFL Draft

Brian Gutekunst didn’t address any pressing 2020 issues in the first round of the draft, so who are the players he could tab on Day 2 who could do that?

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NFL Draft Round 1 Recap: Late run on WRs seems to have pushed Packers towards Love

Brian Gutekunst said that he followed the board. That likely means that a few picks in the late first all but cleared out the players with first-round grades on that board.

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst says Jordan Love is a ‘natural thrower,’ stayed ‘true to the board’

The newest Packer has no shortage of raw athletic and arm talent, and the GM weighed in on why he made the pick he did in round one of the 2020 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft 2020: Vikings land standout WR and a solid CB with two first round picks

The Vikings got one of the top wide outs in the draft and added a solid cornerback.

Packers pull a shocker, taking Jordan Love with first-round pick

Green Bay traded up to the 26th pick on day one of the 2020 NFL Draft and may have found its heir to Aaron Rodgers.

Packers trade up to select QB Jordan Love with 26th pick in 2020 NFL Draft

Brian Gutekunst moved up for the Utah State quarterback.