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NFL Draft 2020: Packers’ final list of ten draft picks revealed

With three late picks added via trade and one swap in round seven, the Packers have lots of selections, but a move up on day three could be in order.

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

With compensatory selections now finalized and the details of all previous trades locked in, the entire order is set for the 2020 NFL Draft. The Green Bay Packers received no extra compensatory picks this year, thanks to the team’s free agency splurge in 2019, but they do hold three picks more than the seven that are typically allotted.

By virtue of advancing to the Conference Championship round of the postseason and having the better record of the two teams that lost in that round, the Packers’ natural picks come 30th in each of the draft’s seven rounds. They maintain six of those seven, with the lone change coming in the last round as the result of a swap with another team.

Interestingly, one of the teams who traded a pick to the Packers in the last year is the Tennessee Titans, who lost in the AFC Championship Game. That means that the Packers actually hold back-to-back picks in the sixth round. Green Bay could still move off one of those spots, but if they make both picks it will be the first time since 2012 that they would select twice in a row. That year they grabbed defensive lineman Mike Daniels and safety Jerron McMillian with picks 132 and 133 in round four; those selections were both compensatory picks and came during a time when those picks were not eligible to be traded.

Here is the complete list of draft picks that the Packers hold in 2020 at the present time.

  1. Round one, pick 30 (#30 overall)
  2. Round two, pick 30 (#62)
  3. Round three, pick 30 (#94)
  4. Round four, pick 30 (#136)
  5. Round five, pick 30 (#175)
  6. Round six, pick 13 (#192, from Las Vegas Raiders)
  7. Round six, pick 29 (#208, from Tennessee Titans)
  8. Round six, pick 30 (#209)
  9. Round seven, pick 22 (#236, from Buffalo Bills through Cleveland Browns)
  10. Round seven, pick 28 (#242, from Baltimore Ravens)

Each of the four non-original picks came to the Packers through trades for players in the past year-plus. The extra sixth-round selections arrived in exchange for Trevor Davis (to the Raiders) and Reggie Gilbert (to the Titans). The seventh-round pick from the Browns was a swap of seventh-round picks in exchange for sending Justin McCray to Cleveland. Finally, the seventh-rounder from Baltimore came in 2018 as compensation for running back Ty Montgomery.

If Green Bay ends up keeping these picks or through trades still ends up with ten or more selections in 2020, that would make this year the third out of the past four that they would have used double-digit picks. They selected 11 players in 2018, Brian Gutekunst’s first year as general manager, and ten players in 2017.