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Full list of Packers’ 2021 NFL Draft selections

Green Bay’s ten draft picks are locked in.

NFL: APR 27 2018 NFL Draft Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Although the NFL announced the compensatory selections in the 2021 NFL Draft 12 days ago, the league waited until over the weekend to finalize the exact draft order as it stands for this year’s selection meeting. The current draft order, available on, contains details about all of the compensatory picks and all of the trades that have so far been processed across the league after the first few days of free agency.

Of course, the Packers have not completed any trades, but received three compensatory picks, one each in rounds four, five, and six. As a result, the Packers’ selections are entirely locked in as follows:

Packers’ 2021 Picks

Round Pick Overall Notes
Round Pick Overall Notes
1 29 29
2 30 62
3 29 92
4 30 135
4 37 142 Compensatory
5 29 173
5 34 178 Compensatory
6 30 214
6 36 220 Compensatory
7 29 256

All told, the Packers have ten picks in this year’s draft. Combined, these picks are worth 1,177 points on the classic Jimmy Johnson draft pick trade chart, which is in between the 12th (1,200) and 13th (1,150) overall picks in the draft. Realistically, if the Packers were to want to trade away their third-round draft pick to move up in the draft, they would be able to get up to around picks 22 or 23 using that same trade chart.

As one of the NFL’s oldest organizations, the Packers have had opportunities to draft at essentially every slot imaginable. This year’s draft slots — at least going back into round four — actually do have some notable players in Packers draft history, including a handful of recent big names.

  • 29: LB Nick Barnett (2003), S George Teague (1993)
  • 62: RB AJ Dillon (2020), CB Quinten Rollins (2015), CB Casey Hayward (2012), WR Robert Brooks (1992), G Ken Gray (1958 — future All-Pro with Cardinals)
  • 92: S Marques Anderson (2002)
  • 135: G Josh Sitton (2008), RB Najeh Davenport (2002)
  • 142: K Chris Jacke (1989)